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ARCIT Newsletter 2017

  • January

    The 85th Texas Legislature by the Numbers… What does it look like? (Read more…)

ARCIT Newsletter Archive 2016

  • January

    ARCIT Working Together for a Common Goal (Read More…)

  • February

    Welcome 2016 Board Members! (Read more…)

  • March

    2016 ARCIT Regional Meeting Set for April 21st (Read more…)

  • April

    ARCIT Comments on Automatic Rollback Tax Legislation (Read more…)

  • May

    Eminent Domain — When land is needed for transportation and energy growth. (Read more…)

  • June/July

    The Growing Regulatory Demands and Requirements Forced Upon Rural Communities (Read more…)

  • July

    See June/July – this was a combined issue.

  • August

    High Speed Rail — Federal vs. State & Urban vs. Rural (Read more…)

  • September

    ARCIT Board of Directors Hold Annual Retreat in Austin (Read more…)

  • December

    Annual Conference Recap (Read more…)

ARCIT Newsletter Archive 2015

  • October

    State Capitol Comings and Goings (Read more…)

  • November

    84th Legislature Interim Charges (Read more…)

  • December

    Why is ARCIT membership important to your community? (Read more…)